What happened on the last day of the paintathon? That will be revealed in some form or another, here or elsewhere, sometime between now and Kate's MFA show which previews at Cooper Gallery, Dundee, on August 15, 2014.

But in the meantime, can I just say that Kate was not at all pleased on walking out of her studio for a smoke at noon, only to come back 10 minutes later to be confronted with this:


She had said right from the start that the paintathon was an idea, a painting process that was being filmed, and that she had no expectations of the painting itself, aesthetic or otherwise. But had she meant that?

And if she hadn't meant it, then what could she do (with the help of Friday's crew: Lesley, me, Mark, Claire, Tara, Gerry, Carmel and Kirsty) to get back her blue sky and white mountain? - to get back the happiness she'd felt as a child on receiving the idyllic image on a postcard addressed to her from Gaga?

These are good questions. They may be answered. In the meantime, dear reader, please get back to your own life, which is no doubt full. Take care of yourself so that others may take care of themselves.